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Tracy Kauffman is a fiction author who enjoys writing children stories and young adult fiction books; included in her titles are a coming of age, young adult fantasy, young adult epic, and two fantasy children stories.  Visit her personal book store to read a blurp about her books and place an order. Do you like adventure, fantasy, romance, children stories?  Then you have come to the right place.  Her children stories are full of inspirational plots, magical places, and fantasy. Her Young Adult books are full of romance, intrigue, and different twist and turns. Thank you for your interest in her book store. Her newest book: Southern Attraction will be released shortly.

Reviews of my books:

Southern Adventures review:

Photo’s can be very thought provoking. For the viewer they have the power to bringing back memories, of all kinds.The book opens with Kay looking through her old photo albums, recalling her memories. She starts with her earliest, her childhood in Harvest, Alabama and the happy times she shares with her sisters and family.
However as the book progresses we learn of places she visits, her highs and lows, her loves, and the tragedies of those around her.
The reader watches her transformation until, as the book draws to a close, she looks back, reflecting over all her achievements, wishes, prayers and dreams, and finishes with words of wisdom.
This is a lovely gentle story of one girls life in Alabama and other places, very personal and with an important message at the end.                        


My Boyfriend the Squire review: 

By Shaneil N. Harada


If you have ever dreamed of stepping through a doorway into another time and place, meeting your soul mate, and escaping into a grand adventure, you will love immersing yourself in "My Boyfriend the Squire."

I enjoyed joining Lucinda on her adventure and meeting Chad in both times. This is a fun story to read and I recommend it to anyone with a taste for love and adventure.


Thank you for your interest in my books and for visiting this site. Feel free to look around and stay a  while.  -Tracy Kauffman-


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Tracy loves to engage with her readers and fans and hopes to encourage others who are wanting to pursue a career in writing.  She welcomes any questions or comments that you might have for her.


Southern Attraction-review

by Jackie Paulson

Southern Attraction is a young adult romance book. I was deeply moved to tears as I could identify with Heather losing her parents in a car wreck!  Even as it was a sad memory for me, this book kept my attention because of the romance parts. If you think you might enjoy a wild adventure of a woman who had it all to learning to be something different to get the man of her dreams, read this book!

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