Tracy's Running Journal

Who am I?

Hi, I'm Tracy.I'm a fitness trainer and health nutritionist. I'm an enthusiastic marathon runner and love spending time with my dog on the beaches of L.A.!

STUFF I'M REALLY GOOD AT: Fitness & Running

 I have a passion to make people more passionate about running and working out. Running is often associated with pain. A big part of being a personal trainer is not to teach people how to run or work out. It is make them enjoy it so they eventually can motivate themselves. Most of my clients still work with me though as they enjoy my company. But apart from that working out should be something that you want to do forever. So you should enjoy it. That's especially true if you are a beginner.

I decided to share a few of my running tips for beginners:

1. Deal With Your Negative Associations

Whatever anxieties or feelings you connect with jogging…you have to deal with them. Identify them. Simply because running was not pleasure for you in the past does not mean it can not be now. It’s about the mindset.

2. Share Your Running Success

You don’t have to start your own blog, there is an even bigger jogging community out there which will help you with your journey. They will share your success and encourage you. And do not forget to take pictures!

3. Set a Goal

Creating a goal for every run creates an awareness of achievement as well as is most likely going to set new or better standards of your improvement.

4. Slow down.

A lot of people get discouraged with the very first few attempts because they expect too much. Take it slowly! Enjoy every bit of it and be proud of the little successes!

5. Take a friend with you

It is easier to get motivated if you take a friend with you. It can be a neighbor, your best friend or your dog! Running together is always more fun than running alone and definitely something to look forward to.

6. Find your perfect time for running

Changing the time of day up may have an enormous effect on your performance. According to people who work out in the morning research shows that they do have a curbed desire, more energy and better sleep. But you have to try and see whatever works for you!

7. Stop when you are injured.

When people start to really feel the thrill of running, they usually get addicted to it! But when you are injured it’s time to take a step back. If you are constantly tired it’s time to give your body a break. If you have pain in your feet, for example in your heel, you might have developed a heel spur/plantar fasciitis. In that case it is very important that you rest your feet and don’t run for at least a week! After that make sure you are well equipped to not put further strain on the affected area. So, for example, if you actually developed plantar fasciitis, make sure to buy running shoes for plantar fasciitis for your foot type to avoid further stress on your heel. Same goes for knee problems. Try to buy running shoes that are well cushioned with great motion control and shock absorption.

8. Find new running trails!

If you eat the same food for dinner every single day you eventually will get bored. It’s the same with running. The same running trail will look very boring to you after a while and you won’t be so motivated anymore to go running. Mix it up once in a while and explore other places in your area. Or get in the car and go running somewhere complete else. Sometimes it’s really worth to take a little trip for a run that is more fun. MapMyRun is a great resource!

9. Give back.

We are not convinced there is another sport out there that is as jogging as non-profit. In case you can not find the private motivation to keep putting one foot before the other, do something that makes it more worth it! There are many races that look for participants that are willing to run for charity!

10. Challenge yourself.

Perhaps you've would like to take running to another stage. Then challenge yourself! Sign up for a half marathon for example! Of course sign up in advance so that you can train for it and look forward to it. You will get a lot more motivation to go outside, explore new trails and start running longer and faster!

Getting Nutrition Right

Perfect nutrition is almost impossible. But you certainly can get it right to improve overall well-being and performance. Here is a list of my top foods for runners!

1. Wholegrain

Runners want a lot of carbs to fuel workouts, and pasta and breads are clear picks. But not all pasta and not all breads are made equal. Whole grain foods are more unprocessed and for that reason include more of the natural nourishment within the grain. As compared to bread and white pasta, you will get more nutrients from the increased fiber. Whole grains will allow you to feel fuller longer.

2. Healthy Fats: Coconut Oil & Co

Let’s face it. We need fat. Our body needs healthy fats to be healthy, it needs it for various essential body functions, in particular for our brain. Forget what you learnt for years and years about avoiding fats at all costs! But opt in for healthier options such as coconut oil (which is by the way also a great beauty oil. coconut oil helps with keratosis pilaris aka chicken skin and some say even with acne.) Olive oil is another healthy option. Just make sure not to use olive oil in cooking. It’s not a heat-stable oil so you can only use it in cold form, e. g. in salad.

3. Bananas

Bananas are an excellent supply of carbs. Bananas additionally include potassium, which helps to prevent cramping and improves regulate muscle contraction. Bananas are perfect as a snack or just as part of breakfast. Add it to your cereal or make a smoothie with bananas and dark chocolate!

4. Eggs

One egg meets about 10 percent of your day-to-day protein wants, as well as the amino acids will help with restoration and muscle repair.